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Natural navigation: scan matching vs feature matching

Natural Navigation Explained: Scan Matching vs Feature Matching

Vehicle automation projects succeed or fail on the strength of their navigation technology. This article explores the difference between the two main types of natural navigation and their respective pros and cons.

Forklift tracking system installed on a forklift

How Viessmann’s Forklift Tracking System Reduced Vehicle use by 20%

Viessmann Group’s new forklift tracking system guides drivers to the right pallet, at the right time – reducing the number of forklifts per shift by 20%.

Question to ask AGV navigation suppliers

17 Questions to ask any AGV Navigation Supplier

If you are developing or upgrading an automated vehicle, your company’s choice of autonomous navigation technology will be crucial. Asking these questions should ensure you choose the right partner.

What is VDA 5050?

VDA 5050 Explained – An Overview of the Evolving AGV Communication Standard

If you are in Europe and work with, or plan to invest, in AGVs, you might have heard of VDA 5050. What is this standard? How might it affect future AGV fleet operations? Here’s our starter guide.

Highlighting automated forklift systems for National Forklift Safety Day

National Forklift Safety Day: Focusing on automated forklift systems

Why focus on driverless forklifts for Forklift Safety Day? It’s simple: automated forklift systems are safer than manual forklifts. In this article we’ll cover why driverless forklifts are safer, and break down predictions for their adoption.

A manual forklift carrying a load of pallets

Safe Automation: How Manufacturers Can Design for AGV Safety

There’s a lot of information out there about staying safe around automated vehicles as they work. But how can a manufacturer ensure their AGV is safe before it hits the shop floor?

Is ANT slam based navigation - featured image

Is it SLAM Navigation? 6 ANT® Navigation Myths Busted

We dispel the most common myths about BlueBotics’ ANT® navigation technology, starting with that SLAM question…

Supply Chain Day - BlueBotics

Automated Supply Chain Projects to Celebrate Supply Chain Day

Efficiency and accuracy are key to the logistics sector, so it makes sense that the global supply chain is embracing automation. Supply Chain Day showcases logistics by showing the public what goes on behind the scenes of the global supply chain.

Natural feature navigation with ANT®

AGV Navigation Methods 2: Virtual Path Following

In part 2 of our guide to AGV navigation methods we explore virtual path following technologies like laser triangulation, vision guidance and natural navigation.

Line following AGV technology

AGV Navigation Methods 1: Line Following and Tags

In part 1 of this guide to AGV navigation methods we explore physical line following technologies and tags.

Commissioning an AGV

5 AGV Development Mistakes to Avoid

AGV development is a complicated business. A robust, easy-to-use mobile robot could drive your vehicle business for years, but the process packed full of potential pitfalls. Read our top tips.


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