Pramac partners with BlueBotics to launch ANT driven mobile robots

Pramac and BlueBotics have announced their partnership, which sees BlueBotics providing ANT navigation technology and fleet management software for Pramac’s new line of X-ACT mobile logistics robots.

Sold under Pramac’s new business unit, called Lifter Mobile Robotics, three X-ACT mobile robots are available today, with several more in the pipeline.

“When we created Lifter Mobile Robotics, we wanted to build on our expertise in the field of material handling equipment by integrating the best and latest technologies possible, to ensure these products are plug & play ready and reliable. When it came to automating and managing our X-ACT solutions, it soon became obvious that BlueBotics was the best-in-class choice. Their ANT navigation is accurate, and robust, requiring minimal infrastructure changes when installing the robots on-site, and their ANT server fleet manager is as powerful as it gets, meaning our X-ACT robots can move intelligently and safely in dynamic environments, whatever the payload size or shape, and without deadlocks,” said Federico Piersimoni, Business Group Director of Pramac’s Material Handling Division.

Dr. Nicola Tomatis, CEO at BlueBotics, added, “We are delighted to partner with Pramac as the company moves strongly into the AGV market. Pramac has the highest credibility in material handling space, excellent technology, and an impressive global network. We are sure its X-ACT solutions represent a valuable addition to the market, and we predict great things for Lifter Mobile Robotics in the coming years.”

X-ACT mobile robotics

Pramac’s X-ACT solutions are designed to work in dynamic environments such as warehouses and factories. At present three models are available, all driven by ANT navigation and managed by BlueBotics’ ANT server fleet management software:

  • HYBRIX is X-ACT’s collaborative mobile robot pallet truck. It features autonomous movement and unloading, but pallets are loaded onto this robot manually. The Hybrix is easy to deploy, program and use, thanks to its fully integrated ANT navigation software. Hybrix is the easiest solution with which to upgrade a company’s existing logistic processes and it can be quickly integrated in every existing workflow without the need of additional infrastructure.
  • APTIX, by contrast, is X-ACT‘s fully autonomous pallet truck. This stacker solution is designed to move goods in warehouses automatically, from picking to drop off, with precision and efficiency.
  • AMRIX is X-ACT’s fully autonomous platform robot. This omnidirectional unit load solution is designed to transport boxes, crates, pallets and general goods throughout a warehouse.

“Designed in compliance with ISO standards, X-ACT robots are designed to evolve a business’s logistics processes to the next level – there is really a solution for virtually every use case,” said Piersimoni. “X-ACT can evolve your business to the next level with flexible solutions, perfect for upgrading traditional and advanced logistics. Thanks to our collaboration with BlueBotics, X-ACT range is plug & play: it integrates perfectly in your warehouse without the need for additional infrastructure, granting maximum safety. All of its technologies are quick and easy to use and grant a quick return on investment, plus X-ACT systems can be easily configured, updated, and monitored using our cloud solution.”

“These X-ACT robots are a worthy addition to Pramac’s portfolio of material handling equipment,” added Tomatis. “With offerings such as the ultra-flexible HYBRIX, these solutions are perfectly designed to help companies kick-start their logistics automation programs, easily and in a way that makes sense for their operation. And thanks to the ANT navigation technology inside they are inherently accurate, reliable, quick to commission, and fleet ready.”

To learn more about this collaboration and to explore Lifter Mobile Robotics in more detail, visit Pramac’s booth (#10C05, hall 10) at LogiMAT. Visitors to BlueBotics’ booth (#B2009, hall 6) can also explore a multi-brand mobile robot demonstration, featuring the X-ACT HYBRIX.

To explore the X-ACT range of mobile robots directly, visit

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