Realizing the All-Electric Dream: 5 Can’t Miss Sessions at the Future of Electrification 2024

Driven by advances in battery-powered vehicles, industries including material handling, mining, construction, and agriculture are actively embracing the all-electric dream.

At the third annual Future of Electrification virtual conference, hosted by our parent company, ZAPI GROUP, leaders in industrial and commercial vehicle electrification will share their vision of an all-electric future – and the challenges which will need to be faced to get there.

The Future of Electrification Virtual Conference – February 7 & 8 2024

The Future of Electrification Virtual Conference is two days of educational presentations and panel discussions. The 2024 edition will examine how to practically achieve an all-electric reality for industrial vehicles and other applications.

To help you make the most of this free to attend event, we’ve rounded up five can’t-miss sessions at the Future of Electrification 2024 Virtual Conference.

Electrification as the Catalyst for a New Era

Wednesday February 7

Stefan Hyttfors
Keynote speaker at Stefan Hyttfors

Electrification may be the greatest investment opportunity of our time, as carbon neutrality has moved from a problem for the future to an urgent, immediate need. In a keynote session, Stefan Hyttfors will speak to the rapidly transforming climate and its impact on our economy.

Automation Today and Tomorrow

Wednesday February 7

CEO Nicola Tomatis BlueBotics

Dr Nicola Tomatis
CEO at BlueBotics

Head of Marketing Matt Wade BlueBotics

Matt Wade
VP of Marketing at BlueBotics

Join BlueBotics CEO, Dr Nicola Tomatis in conversation with Marketing VP Matt Wade, as they discuss the current and future state of automated vehicles outlined in the Automated Vehicles in Material Handling 2022/2023 Usage Report.

Respondents from around the world offer a unique view of mobile automation as it is now, and hints at what’s to come.

Sustainability Trends in the EU and the Driving Force to Take Action

Thursday February 8

Stephen Borchuk
Sales Director Southern Europe at Assent

Emma Owens
Regulatory & Sustainability Expert, Product Sustainability at Assent

European Legislation is increasingly emphasising both environmental and social sustainability, propelling a greener, lower-carbon economy across the EU. In this session, Stephen Borchuk, Sales Director Southern Europe at Assent, joins Emma Owens, one of Assent’s Regulatory & Sustainability Experts, in discussing these trends and how businesses (in and out of the EU) can best respond.  

Vehicle Automation Mistakes to Avoid

Thursday February 8

Area Sales Manager David Beguin BlueBotics

David Béguin
Senior Sales Manager at BlueBotics

Systems Engineer Antoine Aupee BlueBotics

Antoine Aupée
Senior Systems Engineer at BlueBotics

A mobile robot could drive your vehicle business for years to come, but automated guided vehicle development is a complicated business. Antoine Aupée, Senior Systems Engineer at BlueBotics, speaks with David Béguin, BlueBotics’ Senior Sales Manager, to share tips help you avoid the most common vehicle automation mistakes to get it right the first time.

Engineering Vision in Sustainability and Innovation Leadership

Thursday February 8

Luca Vezzadini
Applications Engineer at Zivan

To meet the challenge of the climate crisis, strong leadership is needed. Individuals, organizations and governments need to commit to change; and true leaders are not merely offsetting carbon emissions but also addressing social issues and promoting inclusivity.

In this session, Luca Vezzadini, Applications Engineer at Zivan will address how sustainable leaders can be a driving force propelling the transition toward an all-electric, environmentally conscientious future.

Realizing the Electric Dream together

As the electrification landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, The Future of Electrification can serve as a compass, pointing the way towards sustainable energy solutions. We hope you will join us on February 7 and 8 2024 to delve into new innovations, and explore the latest trends, strategies, and breakthroughs that will shape the future of electrification.

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