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ANT server is our advanced mission and fleet management software. Use it to manage and optimize your on-site operation (including AGV traffic control).

  • Simulate vehicles and missions
  • Schedule missions
  • Automatically control traffic
  • Monitor your fleet in real-time
  • Manage the charging of vehicles
  • Interface with existing equipment (software/elevators etc.)
  • Run multi-brand fleets (VDA 5050 compatible)
BlueBotics_Autonomous_navigation_ANT server AGV AMR fleet manager

Any Vehicle

ANT server is a truly cross-platform solution.
It can manage any AGVs, automated forklifts or mobile robots driven by ANT lite+, no matter what a vehicle’s type, brand or kinematics.

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BlueBotics Simulation.


Ensure your operation runs smoothly from the start. Simulate everything from individual AGV missions to full-scale fleet operations – featuring multiple vehicles picking and dropping, charging and more.

BlueBotics Fleet Management.


ANT server's intelligent scheduler selects and deploys the right vehicle for each mission. The built-in traffic manager seamlessly coordinates vehicles at intersections, doors, elevators etc., while ANT monitor (included) provides AGV operators with a complete overview of their fleet in real-time.

BlueBotics Equipment interfacing.


Use ANT server’s API to connect your vehicles to the site or business management software you already use, as well as interfacing with equipment such as automatic doors, elevators and more.


Configuring and running your AGV operation is simple, whether a single vehicle or a larger fleet.

ANT server AGV traffic control fleet manager

Single Vehicle

  • Vehicle management
    Reports the basic vehicle information such as its location, task status etc.
  • Mission management
    Create, configure and manage individual AGV missions.
  • Mission simulation
    Simulate vehicle missions to ensure your operation runs smoothly from the start.
  • Battery charge management
    Determines when and where a vehicle must go to charge its battery.
  • Real-time visualization
    Visualize and monitor your AGV operation with ANT server's handy web interface for use with PC/tablet/smartphone etc.
  • Equipment interfacing
    Use ANT® server's API to interface with elevators, automatic doors, palletizers and more.
  • API connection to WMS/MES/ERP
    Manage missions and your wider fleet via your organization’s existing software infrastructure via ANT server’s dedicated API.


  • Fleet simulation
    Simulate everything from individual missions to full-scale fleet operations – featuring multiple vehicles picking and dropping, charging and more.
  • Intelligent scheduling
    Decides which vehicle to send on each mission, based on parameters you can configure.
  • Traffic control
    ANT® server's built-in traffic manager seamlessly coordinates the movement of different vehicles at locations such as intersections, doors, elevators etc.
  • Manage any ANT lite+ -controlled vehicle (for mixed fleets)
    Create and manage an entire fleet of mixed AGVs - no matter what vehicle type, brand or kinematics.
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Regular updates

Control & Positioning for your vehicle

ANT lite+ is a vehicle control and positioning system for AGVs, automated forklifts and mobile robots.

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ANT server AGV traffic control fleet manager


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