BlueBotics mini AGV robot turned.


The mobile robot platform for cleanroom applications

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The BlueBotics mini™ is a compact, low particle emission autonomous mobile robot (AMR) platform. Driven by our Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) this fleet-ready performer is the perfect base on which to develop a vehicle that meets your cleanroom’s specific needs.

Ideal for:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Light material handling (boxes/racks/trays)
  • Integration of small industrial robots/cobots
  • Custom applications

What features does
miniTM include?

The BlueBotics mini™ mobile robot platform includes the following features. If you have any additional requirements or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

BlueBotics Low Particle Emission.

Low particle emission

BlueBotics Highly Compact.


BlueBotics Articulated Chassis.

Articulated chassis

BlueBotics ANT Automomous Navigation Technology.

ANT navigation technology

BlueBotics Lift Module Option.

Lift module option

BlueBotics Conveyor Module Option.

Conveyor module option

BlueBotics Custom Module Option.

Custom module development

BlueBotics Obstacle Avoidance Option.

Obstacle avoidance option

BlueBotics Fleet Management.

Fleet management

  • Low particle emission

  • Highly compact

  • Articulated chassis (for larger payloads)

  • ANTnavigation-Icon

    ANT navigation technology

  • Lift module option

  • Conveyor module option

  • Custom module development

  • Obstacle avoidance option

  • Fleet management

Technical Specifications



40 x 30 x 59 cm (WxHxL)

Weight (platform)

70 kg

Weight (modules)

15 - 25 kg

Payload capacity

150 kg

Max. speed

1.5 m/s


>6 hours

Charging time

1.2 hours

Automatic recharging



360° laser scanner view

Software tools

ANT lab configured on a laptop.

ANT lab

Vehicle & Mission Configuration Software
  • Supplied with every ANT product
  • Used by vehicle makers/integrators
  • Configure vehicles, map sites, create routes & actions (e.g. move forks)
  • Free, regular updates
BlueBotics mini mobile robot platform

ANT server

Mission & Fleet Management Software
  • Configured by vehicle makers/integrators
  • Used by AGV operators
  • Includes: simulation, mission scheduling, interfacing (WMS, ERP, doors, elevators)
  • Cross-platform (control multiple types of ANT driven vehicle)
  • Multi-language web interface

Example Project

BlueBotics Autonomous Navigation drives ABB's mini mobile robots

Development of a mobile robot for cleanroom manufacturing

Client: ABB

The BlueBotics mini™ mobile robot base was developed to meet the exacting demands of ABB's 'Genesis' production automation project in Lenzburg, Switzerland.

BlueBotics Autonomous Navigation drives ABB's mini mobile robots

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