Wishing you a safe & happy holiday

2020 has been an exceptional year in many ways.

A milestone for BlueBotics came out of the global pandemic, with the release of the mini™ UVC, a virus-destroying robot you can see in action here. We also began new collaborations with dozens of companies around the globe, including, for example, with FlexQube.

Throughout the year we celebrated the launch of numerous #ANTdriven vehicles, such as those by ToyotaDTA and Esatroll.

Next year promises to bring still more opportunities. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2021 and beyond, and wish you a very safe and happy holiday season.

Matt Wade

VP Marketing | BlueBotics I'm an ex-journalist and love explaining how technology can be used to solve business challenges.
BlueBotics mini lite is an AGV robot.

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