BlueBotics Teams Up With Forestay Capital to Foster International Growth

Just a few months after delivering the 1,000th ANT navigation product, BlueBotics announces that Forestay Capital Ltd, the Bertarelli closed-end tech fund, has acquired capital in the company to help further foster the company’s already-strong international growth.

Frederic Wohlwend, the Managing Partner of Forestay Capital SA, stated: “After having screened the market for over a year, we identified BlueBotics as the navigation technology leader in an industry where adoption now reaches an inflection point.”

Nicola Tomatis, the CEO of BlueBotics, added: “Drawing on Forestay Capital’s experience and financial strength, we are now well-positioned to reinforce BlueBotics’ leadership worldwide.”

Matt Wade

VP Marketing | BlueBotics I'm an ex-journalist and love explaining how technology can be used to solve business challenges.
BlueBotics mini lite is an AGV robot.

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