BlueBotics delivers ANT® system no. 1,000

For customers who understand that Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT®) is the optimal mobility solution, the system is worth its weight in gold. That’s why we delivered a gold-painted version of this technology to our partner Cleanfix after the company ordered the thousandth ANT® unit in June of this year.

With its RA660 Navi autonomous cleaning machine, Cleanfix is a world leader in the commercial cleaning market and also one of the largest customers of BlueBotics with hundreds of ANT® driven floor scrubbers now in operation around the world.

We are therefore very happy that our 1,000th sale came courtesy of a Cleanfix order. Here’s to the 2,000th!

Matt Wade

Head of Marketing | BlueBotics I'm an ex-journalist and love explaining how technology can be used to solve business challenges.
BlueBotics - Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT)

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